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Monday, August 25, 2008

More Tunes: Everlast

"Put Your Lights On" Santana and Everlast live version, great combination; Santana's flame throwing guitar work and Everlast's full-throated growling.

video by the grace of TheGero; gracias amigo

Perhaps Taylor Hicks has something along this line regarding new music he's working on for that post-Idol soph album.

"This Kind of Lonely" Everlast. Laid back tune, tinged country with a smack of sitting on the front porch Blues. Haunting steel guitar accompaniment. Video is a little 'watery' but the only one there is of a live performance.

video c/o milanv1

Everlast in 1999 at Woodstock. "Ends" Lyrics


  1. bobbie6:04 AM

    SunBuns this guy is just hot. Not traditional sense, but I love his voice. You might be on to something with the sound he's developed since his heavy rap days and Taylor Hicks' promise of a new album with a country feel. Remember Tay and Snoop and how he said he would like to use some rap maybe later? Making sense where your thought process is going.

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I love this sound! I would love it if Taylor's next CD sounded like this.

  3. I love all the tunes he's penned with reference to the Sun. He knows what is up. lolz