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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everlast, Checking out Some Raps...

"Black Jesus" Everlast LYRICS

From Everlast's "Eat at Whitey's" CD: "I Can't Move"

From Everlast's "White Trash Beautiful": "I Sleep Alone"
Love the way he wraps his voice around the words, that smooth, fluid growl.

Everlast, "Blinded by the Sun" Not much video, only clip on the 'Tube with this tune. LYRICS
""Blinded By The Sun"

I met a woman in West Virginia
Said her name was Alabama
She from a little town outside Savannah
Where everyone talk that country grammar
She said she killed a man down in Atlanta
He beat her and he drank til he couldn't stand up
He told her that he loved her but he couldn't stand her
She caught him in his sleep hit him with a hammer
Then she sold her car and she bought a gun
Johnny Law got her on the run
Another broken bottle and the damage done
We've all been blinded by the sun..."

Blinded by the sun...

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