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Friday, March 23, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar, Star Power or Super Fizzle?

A writer who goes by The Scribe contributed their opinion in an article speculating on why Sanjaya Malakar is still in the Idol running. In a portion of the article he says,
    "That brings me to the next factor, he has the "YO Factor" whether we like it or not, he has naturally what so few of the other contestants have, a natural stage presence. If you knew nothing of Sanjaya and were seeing him on stage for the very first time, you would be thinking to yourself that you were going to be seeing a wonderful performance.

    Sanjaya also brings to American Idol a serious amount of potential. He is like a bomb that is ready to explode, however we are not sure if it is a dud or a big bang. Wouldn't it totally shock us if he came further and further out of his shell week after week, and ended up in the final 4 making it a shoot out between Jordin Sparks, Melinda Dolittle and himself? Only time will tell.

That sums it up relatively simply, and something I've seen in Sanjaya - star power. That shimmering, sparkly quality that is elusive and rare. Surely he's not the best singer in the competition, technically speaking, but I attribute some of this issue to his youth and inexperience. He's also been facing a daunting and heavy task for a kid his age, and before anyone compares he and Jordin Sparks (also 17 years old), I will say once again, 17 year old boys can usually be more equally comparable to a 14 year old girl regarding emotional maturity as well as physical maturity.

Something Sanjaya's shown, regardless of all the sneers and jeers all you 'experts' on music, in "The Land of Idol" throw his way, he did "it" anyway. Sanjaya displayed that very essence that will make him a star, set him apart from the other teenage guys that have come before him on this show. Carrying on with my Wizard of Oz analogy, that I refer to this show with from time to time, he was like the lion, Sanjaya went from standing there tentatively worrying his tail on that Idol stage to chucking it aside and letting go - Sanjaya Malakar found his courage.
The Scribe ends his story with, "Okay Sanjaya, it is time to put it on the line, we want to see if you fizzle and fade away, or explode into a full blown reality and become the star your potential says you have."
I'm hoping for that explosion.
Check out this link to see the boy's potential.