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Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Degrees and Taylor Hicks, What's the Connection?

Perhaps it's that French Connection.

Changing the subject from Taylor Hicks and the French possibilities, I was listening to a little Richie this morning. No, not the Lionel, rather the Sambora kind. Check out Richie Sambora in this video, "Harlem Rain". This is from his Undiscovered Soul Album. Never heard Richie this way? Tinge of Country and some soul. Nice.

How about a touch of Bluegrass and Sambora? (That sounds like some sort of exotic new tea. I'll take mine hot.)

Au revoir et vendredi heureux!


  1. jerseyirish1:41 PM

    Wow Sunny never saw that side of Richie Sambora, liked it alot thanks for posting it. Liked his sound and presentation very nice!!!


  2. I know, new to me too. Love it. It's like Bon Jovi.... Who? ahahhaha

  3. jerseyirish3:03 PM

    Sunny, It is so different from what I have always seen of him, had to come back and listen again, enjoyed as much or more this time around. It is nice to see another side of artists that most don't always see. You have one image in your mind then something like this shows up and changes everything. Thanks again for posting.

  4. I really enjoyed that as well. Thanks for bringing it to us.