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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dark Side of the Loon, I mean Moon

The website I'm referring to in my post today is not a Taylor Hicks' fan site, per se, but they do talk about the man. Once this particular site was somewhat witty, interposed with a healthy yet palatable amount of snark served on the side. This has recently been replaced with more than a touch of the paranoid served with a sizable portion of malicious.

Taylor Hicks' fan base obviously has those folks who look for a fight, a rumble in the fan jungle if you will. It's comical really and often entertaining. After a while it's possible to actually look at those who rant and carry on with something akin to fondness. Those loose cannons love to fire blindly in the dark of the internets. Perhaps their minds wrap around some sort of eternal competition since they originally discovered Taylor on a reality competition show. In actuality these folks end up competing among themselves. It's what it's all about really: Them.

When no issue exists in true reality, these combative folks find something, someone, to turn their apparent need to establish dominance. Maybe their personal lives lack something. Lack true purpose, desire, ambition. They look to their computer to establish self-worth through berating, bullying and - in their minds - "destroying" others they encounter on-line. Bids for territory on the fan sites and boards put me in mind of the Medieval times; warring parties juggling for land and treasure. Perhaps we as a civilization retain those ideals and thoughts in our minds, masking them for the most part, until something comes along to trigger that primitive within. Curiously, a reality show seems to be what sets the fans who engage in on-line "battles" into that mind-set.

It's entertaining watching the folks point fingers back and forth decrying who is the Loon, what is the Dark side, who is in the right. As we teeter-totter to and fro on the blue green orb that is our world, creating new worlds within the darkness of our internet, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I liked Rosie's sense of humor, but she was clearly not right for Morph's blog. Nobody on Morph's blog loves Taylor unconditionally. Everybody is on the fence about Taylor. There are plenty of sites for Rosie to go to. Why choose that particular site? It was clear she wanted to cause trouble with DAR and Bluz. All Taylor's sites get rid of trolls, so Morph's blog is not any different.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Hi Sunny, I'm getting to head out for a night of fun. You gave me a little hint of what may come to be and now it has. Anyway I'm pleased you and I have a sense of humor. Rosie

  3. jerseyirish7:04 PM

    Sunny, Very nicely put, these fan wars are out of control. What's even more scary is that it is adults not kids slinging back and forth. For me if I have to labled a "loon" I'd rather be the "loon" on the positve side of things rather than the negative.

    If by any chance Taylor does read any of this he must get his chuckle of the day.


  4. Rosie, my dear, I'm glad we both do too. Have a great night out - I did last night. Almost too much fun. ha.

    Catch you here, catch you at 'Asses. We be friends.

  5. JI he reads, hence the security details when he goes out and about. hahaha. Poor guy.

  6. sunny said: "JI he reads, hence the security details when he goes out and about."

    LOL! You got that right!

  7. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Murky waters out there in TaylorLand.
    I stay put in my little corner of the room.
    Just dropped by to say hello, and wish you well.

  8. Hey Bright, hope that Birthday was one hella fun. Murky waters, Aya Lassie but we pirates, we must be strong. hahahaha.

    Always wish you well my silver lining friend. How your name does fit you.