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Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a Long Tangled Taylor Hicks Web Isn't It?

Taylor Hicks fans, man, what the Hell is going on out there? Wild and woolly might be just touching the tips of the surrealism that it is. Or is it just What it Is? (Click link for cool music video.)

Man, I'm gonna hide my love away for a short time. I'm finding myself absolutely struggling to gain some understanding about what my "Bouncing" pal was telling me regarding this fanbase. Just Incredibly Wow.


  1. I have no idea what you're talking about! But that's the joy of going to only a couple of blogs these days. I just can't waste my time on that fan war crap. (If that's what you're talking about.)

    I've realized something about myself that makes me very happy. I really AM all about the music when it comes to Taylor. The rest of it is meaningless.

  2. henry811:59 PM

    bouncing pal?? Tigger??
    What the hell, girl??

    I was on my way to bed when you popped up in google alerts, now I'm curious, I got nothin. :-)

  3. henry81:38 AM

    Oh it dawned on me who you were talking about. Never mind.

  4. Caryl, just when you think that the crazies were getting the message, you realize they never, ever, ever, will. haha

    Wow that whole TMS crap, glad I was never involved with that scene and their very strange ways of following a musician's career.

    It can make you sad for Taylor. Encouraged by someone else, I just had to read; it's all past the humorous mark. The things they did to that Bert doll. Poor Bert, and where's Ernie? I hate to even let my brain go there. hahahaha Just wow.

    Henry8, and Tiggers do wonderful things, they're bouncy, bouncy, full of fun, fun fun! Man, weren't you a regular at that site?

    Smartie's nailed them up like poster children for What Not to Act Like. hahahaha. She needs her own bloody television show, seriously. It's like some version of Fear Factor only you don't have to eat worms. Just watch the antics of the fan freaks in action.

  5. hwy66gal, I'm putting your email to me here:

    "Sunny the whole TMS closing can only be a good thing. I'm hoping that the gals who molested Bert and likely killed off Ernie are not encouraged to pro-pig-ate (play on words, not misspelling) other sites. Who the Hell writes porn about goddam reality show contestants and acts out with a small doll? Taylor's Grandma touched that stupid doll. What ever possessed her to interact with those people?"

    Too strange for me to even consider any conjectures, 66.

  6. Here's the link to the Never Never Land of Taylor Hicks fans TMS Closing

  7. henry810:12 AM

    I really am not too impressed with people completely outside of something telling others what was good or bad about it. I have read the tms closing thread and that is where all the real nuts are at. Some very, very nasty people. Some that were kicked off tms for very good reasons.
    I was a semi-regular at tms, never part of the so-called "in" crowd and never concerned myself with that, but I did have some very good times there. I did not like or approve of every last thing about it. I enjoyed the good and ignored the bad. And so much garbage has been written about them by people who have not one idea what they are talking about OR who are mad and/or revengeful about some perceived insult they received there and are acting like junior high girls. The half-truths and total lies some are putting out are ridiculous. But that doesn't get through to people who were not there and now like to feel superior about it.
    I like the Bert doll, saw the pictures that started the stupidity and thought it was just all silly and fun. And as far as Grandma, I think shes in good company now.
    The best of TMS has moved on to one place and the worst of it has moved on to another spot and I will always enjoy the best of it.
    And what others think about that doesn't concern me at all.

  8. Oh, OK, I read about TMS closing but I never went there anyway so I blew it off. Taylor-porn? Bert molestation? 'Nuf said. Sounds like it should have shut down a long time ago.

  9. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Sunny, I think my IQ drops 10% in the fall, thus I don't know Bouncy. I know some fans have been more touchy lately. I read most of the Tms closing site and am glad I was not a part of that. I agree with Caryl. I'm just about Tay's music and his image. Caryl, I'll meet you over at the R Rated room, so we can discuss the music. He he! Rosie

  10. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Sunny, I'm getting a little paranoid since I've been blocked from idletard for 2 days. I have not made a comment since early Aug. so I don't know why or even if I'm blocked. The recent gay porn was unreadable. Rosie

  11. "I like the Bert doll, saw the pictures that started the stupidity and thought it was just all silly and fun."

    No offense intended Henry, but we - you and I - have completely different ideas of fun, I guess...

    I'm not knocking you for hanging there, just laughing at the whole thing. Did you ever hear what happened to Ernie? After seeing Bert engulfed like he was, I doubt Ernie had a chance. lolz Sesame Street Porn. Wow.

    The big picture. It's like many of these fans are ready at moment's notice to just be absurd. It's beyond silly - verging into one hell of a comedy routine.

    Rosie, why would Smartie ban you? Were you very bad? hahaha The gay porn, yes, it's awful. I was 'skeered after trying to read it. Really 'skeered. *blankie over my head* lolz

    BTW rosie, Bouncer is a friend who took me under his wing, so to speak, a while back - gave me some lessons in internet, I guess you could call it. ;) He pops in time to time with helpful hints and suggestions.

  12. henry87:09 PM

    I am also all about the music and talent, I am just about the only person I know that would just as soon listen to Taylor as watch him. If I had to chose I would rather listen.
    It never fails to amaze me at what people "know" that they never saw or had a part in. But they "heard"
    I never cared much for the person who ran tms, thought she made some poor decisions, but I had many fun times there many of which had nothing to do with Taylor.
    I think Ernie is fine as is Bert. LOL
    I also think Joni is a very intelligent woman and an excellent judge of character.

  13. Henry8, just as you "think" you know all about a lady (Joni) you've not ever met, so can other folks deduce opinions about those they've not met either.

    You react quite negatively toward anyone surmising negative opinions about TMS, (I know more than I really want to, FYI) yet you think it's fine to comment about someone you don't know.

    I'm guessing, stress on guessing, since that's all I can rationally do since I've not met her - his Grandmother's a fine woman. There's no need for you to rise to her defense since she's not the focus on what's the topic. Rather I was feeling sympathetic toward her; innocently handling those poor misused (LOL) and tortured Sesame St. characters after you know... hahaha

  14. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Very true, we can all develop an opinion about people we've never met or places we have never been. But I would never decide that I knew more than someone who had met that person or been to that place. That is as long as that someone didn't have a grudge againist that person or place.
    I promise not to annoy you anymore, I don't like beating dead horses either, but as I have said before , unfair attacks againist anybody, bother me.

  15. Baby, neither would I. Trust me though, alternative views never bother me. I enjoy them.