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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Gypsy Sun and Hey... Its Your Birthday!

Taylor Hicks is back from his holiday - back in B'Ham, that is. Taylor joins Gypsy Sun at an old hang out, Marty's Bar, Birmingham, AL on October 5th; two days before his birthday.

video c/o clo59
Video is cool for the black and white, but I wish the audio was better. Taylor, man, I'm really liking what you did with these guys.

It's Taylor Hicks' birthday today, cheers and beers all around! In honor of my favorite spazzman, a few birthday tunes.
"Happy Birthday" Beatles, rare version:

And last but best, one spaztastic soulman to another, Joe Cocker sings a song:

brilliantly created by jakepride

Guess what has been confirmed today? Taylor Hicks is indeed signed sealed and to deliver that new album February of 2009. Taylor Hicks cuts new deal with Artists To Market, an independent artist services company. Taylor Hicks is working with producer Simon Climie, who worked in the past with the likes of Carlos Santana (how I love and adore Santana). Mr Hicks is quoted as saying,
"In this digital age, when artists can connect more directly with audiences, this is a partnership that makes a lot of sense," says Hicks. "I'm very much enjoying being in the studio with Simon working on the new album and look forward to releasing it through A2M early next year."

A Happy Birthday, indeed, Taylor Hicks.
Time for some old school Celebration:


  1. Yes, "planned." I expect that either the release date will be moved back or he'll get out of the Grease commitment. Or both. Not being a Debbie Downer, I just don't see how he can do both and come up with a CD that he feels 100% good about.

  2. He's taking off several dates here and there along the tour so perhaps he's utilizing that time to record. I have heard he's already recorded some of the new material. Be nice if he'd toss some of that on his myspace site.

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Can't wait to hear new music from Taylor!

    Hopefully, he will put a new song or two on myspace.

  4. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Well, at least he's been signed. I have to admit I was starting to worry that maybe nobody would touch him. It will still be an uphill battle for him. I think Taylor has lost tons of fans and the only way they will come back is if the music is outstanding. There is a stigma with the SP that it's not a cool bunch of people made up of housewifes and grandmothers. So, there is a lot to overcome here.

  5. jerseyirish5:19 PM

    I thought the video of scruffy Taylor was great, he seemed to be having a good time I'd say quite a few beers in him a couple of times he seemed off balance. I believe he has been in the studio more than most think, he know right where he wants to be and when, he is a very savvy businessman.

  6. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I really think the press is much more positive for Taylor now. I don't think he has lost a ton of fans only a few outspoken ones who's day it seems consists of crying about how they don't have a Taylor concert to go to. His fans also have not been bashed as much lately either. I loved the Grease pics of fans of all ages waiting at the stage door. Even the people working at the theater said it was very unsual the amount of fans waiting for Taylor after every show.

  7. Man, the google alert box was full of positive press from TV Guide to Entertainment Tonight. Nice.

    Having these homemade vids to circulate will only help interest in him - hopefully there will be more like the ones Claudia shot this past weekend at Marty's.

    Regarding the fans - notice how 'some' groups are getting along much better these days? It's a good thing for Mr. Hicks, really. Cohesiveness is what the guy needs not all the bitching and in-fighting for no real reason. Great to see you Dee.

  8. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Sunny, Went back and viewed that bar video two more times. I just love that whole scene. The band looked so serious and played the same music over and over, like they were afraid to break the spell. Tay had quite a few in him and loved him swaying and swigging and singing. I thought the rapper guy was cool and at first I thought he was a cook from the kitchen. Just loved most of all how Tay handled the guy and the band just played on and on. There was also some language! Rosie

  9. OK, upon further consideration, I'm on board. I can see the advantages of having a new CD to promote while you're going from city to city with a Broadway show.

    Guess my thought about him getting out of that obligation was just wishful thinking. There I go being selfish again! If he didn't have to do Grease, maybe we could see him in concert sooner. But OK, it's not about ME. :)

  10. hwy66gal9:46 PM

    I love these new vids from that Claudia. OK, not have been a fan of hers but this is alright. Sunbuns, the man looks goooooood! Love the return of the Mack-Daddy of Soul, agreed? Miss you, chick. See you soon. (Everlast)

  11. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Sunbuns? lol hey Sunny it's BL, how are you? I have been in and out reading. Your latest blog posts are interesting and sharp-minded! Keep it up! The Marty's gig was purely soul imbibement, I loved it. I am not a fan of rap but watching Taylor rap shed a whole new light on the genre, in my book at least.
    Be well. Peace too.

  12. Hey BL great to see you chica! That nickname (Sunbuns)came from a way-long weekend in Austin at a swim hole called Barton Springs, clothing optional. Hwy66gal and Bobbi were there - we were all about 'sunnin'. lolz. (We go back to college.) Bobbi hasn't been to visit this week, she's likely working way too much as usual.

    You know, rap is something I've been exploring. Love the poetry of it, the cadence, the feel. You might like some of it if you gave it a shot. You're very good with words, rhyme and poetry.

  13. Anonymous7:46 AM

    sunny I think your story of a clothing optional beach and the nickname sunbuns is too funny for words...sunbuns? I guess I know what clothing you shed! me? hell I have been tp laces like that in the caribbean and (blush) I was sunbuns too! Although lobster bisque might be a better name for me as those untanned places well got their fair share of UVB rays I'll tell you...ouch.
    hmmmm...rap? i like it enough when it's clean, but I am against any music that is denegrading to anyone, and sometimes I hear lyrics and see videos that bring down women. I am raising two teenage girls, and I have to remind them that the lyrics in those rap songs are not healthy to women, and so that bothers me. Other than that I love the peotry, if the rap song has a real message for the people, a real sense of bringing home something of value which music can do and should do.
    Be well.
    It's a beautiful day, the stock market is hsowing some strength, the bear pool seems to be drying up a little, I hope for us all.

  14. Sunny, did you see this quote from Taylor today?

    "We're going to cross-promote this record with the `Grease' tour," he says. "I'll be allowed to perform my single in the show on tour."

  15. Caryl, here's a link to the FOX 6 in B'Ham interview. What have I been saying? "Grease" is his vehicle, baby.
    I'm putting together a blog about that Simon Climie, no time to finish it now. I think this collaboration he's got working is going to be absolutely great! Link to FOX 6.