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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Grease: It's a Vehicle Baby!

Taylor Hicks in the FOX 6 interview, what have I been saying?
Very smart play, Taylor.
"Vehicle" Ides of March

Life is a Highway, Mr. Hicks has saddled up.


  1. I'm completely blown away. I love the guy, but even I was wondering what the heck he was doing. But it all came together and I'm very impressed. He's addressing the realities of the music biz being in decline and finding a new way to get his music out there.

    I have nothing more to say except that my predictions were sooo wrong and I'm thrilled.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I'm confused by these time lines. Someone on this very blog posted that Taylor was Island hopping with Bill and that was just confirmed. Another said he was seen in Costa Rica on a flight. Now he's going to The Playboy Mansion? So when is he recording his album? Don't Grease rehearsals start in November???

  3. jerseyirish6:41 PM

    I think Taylor has had this plotted out for sometime. He is a very clever man knows what wants and how to make it work for him. On the site that everyone was calling new but isn't the deal had been playing since last Sunday, I had thought to myself is he throwing out one of his tags, I guess he was. I have never heard of someone incorporating a mini conert at the end of a show to promote their new music, the man knows how to make a deal thats for sure.


  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I don't understand why so many fans were counting him out..Done! I've always said he's one step ahead on everything. The man knows what he's doing. I'm not a bit surprised he's taking a different route, it seems so fitting for his personality and style.

    Congrats Taylor for doing it your way!!

  5. Anonymous at 4:58 - I posted he was having some water fun, my friend rosie said he was in Costa Rica.

    He's doing Halloween, maybe at the Playboy mansion, Hef apparently likes him.

    According to the B'Ham Fox 6 interview he's off to France to work with Climie prior to the tour.

    Timeline is a little fuzzy since "Grease" is to take off December 02 and I think he mentioned he was going to France for a few months. Would only give him a month in France.

    Soooo, it is a little conflicting.

    Will have to see what the Rumor Mill turns up confirming his actual whereabouts I suppose. ;)