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Friday, January 05, 2007

Taylor Hicks; Someone toss the CD a Life Boat: Finally a Single to be Released.

Taylor Hicks: Taylor Hicks is in dire need of rescue. Man the lifeboats, it's time to release a single! Thankfully that day is at hand. Currently his self-titled CD has sunk from the #2 spot on the Billboard top 200 charts to #36. Normally a single hits the radio waves when the CD drops, so it is noteworthy that Taylor Hicks has gone Gold, within a matter of weeks without that radio play boost.

Considering he's been limited, in promotional performances to performing the first track on the CD, "The Runaround", it seemed an inevitable choice for first release, with all the play it has heretofore received. Now I'm not knocking the track, "The Runaround", it is a fun, energetic song. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance of it during the Orange Bowl - he was absolutely "Taylor Hicks", bursting with energy, a powerful, uninhibited force, but time is ripe for more.

I'm please to read, as reported by Mary Colurso, that the first single will be "Just to Feel This Way". I like really like the lyrics, encouraging a love interest to give it a try, the feeling is so special, not to fear the future, concentrate on the now. Musical score and Mr. Hicks' vocals compliment, the tune carries the tone of Rod Stewart's delivery of Cat Stevens', "First Cut Is the Deepest".

Potential is high for radio success, a definite fit into the Pop scene. American Idol's Simon Cowell puts a lot of emphasis into 'likeability factor' equalling success in Pop, well, this tune possesses that likeability factor in spades.

Groove on Soulman.

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