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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Taylor Hicks: The Silver-haired Soulman Goes Platinum

Taylor Hicks' self-titled CD released a mere five weeks ago has hit Platinum. In an announcement over the PR Newswire it is revealed that Mr. Hicks really has reason for celebration while he's golfing in the Bob Hope Classic.

Considering the CD has been released without the benefit of a single to hit radio play and now has gone platinum speaks volumes regarding Taylor's fan base. Many music critics have questioned whether Mr. Hicks would be able to market his style of music successfully and this represents a concrete and tangible response.

Many Taylor Hicks fans have spent time wasted worrying about how he's going to do in the music industry, they watch the charts regularly for ups and downs, and heaven forbid if anyone says or writes anything other than complete compliments about his CD. Whereas the CD is not a perfect work, it is a good beginning, especially coming into light that it is a product of American Idol. I have not doubted whether Taylor Hicks will be a lasting force in the music industry, he has always reminded me of a boxer, a fighter, a very charismatic fighter. He knows his gift and is driven enough, dedicated enough to make it happen.

I'm not speaking as one of the Taylor Hicks' Kool-Aide drinkers that rave non-stop about his looks, haunt fan forums and rant about his 'thud' appeal. I don't do any of that - I've always gone with my instincts on this man. Success will be his for as long as he desires. He may have been singing in bars and dives for ten years, but now is when his career formulates, now is when he writes his own history. The time has come for Taylor Hicks, Idol was just his stepping stone.

Groove on Soulman.

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