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Monday, January 29, 2007

Taylor Hicks: Idol Blues Looks to the "Neon"

Taylor Hicks: Idol Blues Admired some John Mayer in my last posting, now to back up my assertions regarding John's prolific talent on the guitar, here is a video with him playing acoustic guitar. It just doesn't get much better than this:

"Vultures" as seen on AOL Music is a grooving, pulsing song journey. Guitar solo inspiring, John's playing weaves into the mind's curves and fissures, dancing and firing all the pleasure synapsis of the brain. One of the most impressive facets of John Mayer's talent -the ability to meld his vocals into the instrumental sound like soft, thick, molten candy.

"Gravity" as played during a VH-1 benefit concert for Katrina victims. The infusion of John Mayer's soul touching vocals, blues riddled guitar, pure art.

Yes, "Keep me where the light is".

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