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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Ashlynn Carr: American Idol 6 Felony Eviction?

Just as I was asking myself what might have happened to keep Ashlynn Carr off of the American Idol 6 top 24 list, Reality TV Magazine comes up with the dirt, or in this case the sugar. Seems Ashlynn had a complete lack of judgement moment when in a fit of anger, poured sugar into her boyfriend's car's gas tank. Alledgedly. Well if it all works out true, this will 'tank' her Idol aspirations.

Too bad because I really liked her. I could not believe Pauler and Randy's decision to cut her because they percieved she had strange expressions when she sang. (What?) I can think of many performers, including Taylor Hicks who can make some strange expressions and let say, gestures, as he performs. (Love you guy, but you know what I'm talking about!) Her voice reminded me of Anita Baker, nice tone, full; granted she needs some work, but loads of potential. Simon was correct in his assessment of Ashlynn.

Ah, I have a temper myself, and sometime blurt/type out things that may be not in my best interests, but I'd never sugar anyone's gas tank. She's only 18 afterall, but old enought to get hit with a felony.

Too bad.

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