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Monday, August 31, 2009

So We Have a New Taylor Hicks Official Site: New, Yes Improved?

Taylor Hicks has opened a new site, he announced it on Twitter last week and it can be found at Taylorhicks.ning.com. He's incorporated his Twitter feed into a side panel and "Seven Mile Breakdown" video, front page.

Apparently there is to be some live chat activity as well with this message posted on August 29th:

Happy Saturday everyone!

Now that we're up and running with the new site, Taylor wants to become an active member. We'll be launching a live video chat with Taylor next week (exact time TBD). Taylor will be logged onto the site, reading questions from the chat board, and answering them live! Get those questions ready, and stay tuned for more info on the exact date/time.

-Team Taylor

This new Taylor Hicks site from what I'm understanding is to be a Social netowrking site, rather like some form of Taylor Hicks facebook; we'll see how this works with the way some of the members of his fan base tend to view one another and treat one another. Might be fun.

I went ahead and signed up but was having issues doing modifications to my personal site so I'll hit that again another time.

I did take a moment to hit chat to see what was shaking. Over 20 people were in the room but I didn't stick around. Time constraints today.

Taylor Hicks is in town this week, "Grease" playing in Ft. Worth. Am I going? Not at this point. Looking forward to B'Ham concert in the Fall, though.

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