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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Poofed" I have been censored.

Ok, I just got 'poofed' from a site I've recently raved about. "Why?", one might inquire. I'll tell you why. I deviated from topic. Topic at hand was this nutty, running along the lines of batshit crazy blog posting from this poor chick - obviously no one took the crackpipe juice away from her at the 'right time or place'. Storyline of The Author has the Lord interfering and assigning said hero of the story, (the description is spot on for our blog subject and noted Soulman) to marry the heroine of the (no, that's not heroin, as in the opiate, for any of you illiterates trying to decipher my ramblings) sad little religiously inspired tale. Anyhoo, this gal's subject matter of her story is named...are you ready? Tyler Nicks. (Ring any distant and perhaps tinny bells?) Here, I'll hold the barf bag for you.

I discovered this chick, last night, off of MFOYA, a.k.a., the Dark-Side as 'some' might say in hushed voices. Tonight my erstwhile pals at tfhzone were discussing this gal and her body of work. I interceded with a rather merlot laden, yet somewhat witty little tale (to me anyway) of a fantasy of mine involving Zachary Levi of NBC's "Chuck" and "poof" went my post. You see, This Week and perhaps longer if he plays his cards right, Zachary Levi is my Fantasy Man. I think it's the pen holder in his character's shirt pocket that does all kinds of naughty to my mind. Or his eyes. I'll get back on that.

I am writing about this because it felt like the old days when I'd piss off Mods on the A.I. Boards. One moment I'd be happily writing away, making myself laugh out loud and frightening the dog - then - right after hitting 'post'- "poof". I really don't take well to being poofed but hey man, I'll live on. I was getting bored with the current discussion on tfhzone that the few of us were having... OK they were having I was reading, so I thought I'd attempt to liven it up and break into a new vein. We could have all - OK there were only 3 of us. Think of it, all three of us could have been poised to fall into a typed out meandering of fantasy and possibly sexually innuendoed mayhem. But this wasn't to be, no, I was "poofed". I think it was my phrase about Zach 'giving it to me in my entryway'. I believe that was misconstrued. I meant... Oh hell I know what I meant. ;)

Shut to up anyone thinking that he's a bit younger than I - after all our birthdays just two days a part! And years - we are not counting the years - man that's just numbers, don't jack with me about numbers, I know numbers. It's my fantasy, hell, at least I'm not calling him Thackery Bevi.

Yep. Censored. Go I.

Amendment: I was reinstated, not Poofed. My bad. They still love me; all is good in this Sunny world I live within. (Now if Zackary would just ring that doorbell...)


  1. Girl, you weren't poofed! You had two links in your comment so it goes straight to moderation. Nothing to do with you - anyone with two links goes into moderation.

    It's my spam filter, and anything you write is NOT spam so when I see it, it gets approved. :)

    BTW, Zackary Levi is hot. The formerly hot metrosexual male has now been replaced by the new geek chic.


  2. I saw my comments had appeared - so therefore I amended myself. It was wierd though, I had just hit the post button and the whole thing went 'poof' like the Nazi mods on the AI boards. I only go there during Idol to check the crowd reactions to the show, but it's like that when you write up something not allowed (or whatever) on the Board.

    Man I am a complete sucker for geeky funny guys. This show's character is perfect. The fact Zack is so adorable certainly only increases my enjoyment. I watch only a handful of shows regularly, some I TIVO for a rainy day, but this one is a Must See weekly. Leading into "Heroes" hopefully will only help the fanbase increase.

    See you - or should I say, read you - later!

  3. I just found this post when I did a search for...crap, now I've forgotten! I'm so engrossed in your saga, I forgot what I was looking for. I'll just hit the "back" key and I'll be back in business.

    I look forward to your comments. You're the kind of writer I aspire to be (but I'm afraid I ain't got your shmarts!). Don't get me wrong, I'm cool being me (sounds like a topic for Oprah) and my writing has a following among other intellectually challenged folk.

    What the hell am I talking about? Oh yeah, I just wanted to give you props. Keep 'em comin'.

  4. Hi! Caryl, I have no idea what you're talking about - you are a fun writer, I love stopping by your blog. You've got a way with satire.

    See ya on the zone.