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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's About Time - Magni Releases His Album

Magni finally has released his long-promised album, you can find it on iTunes. Rather than the mild disappointment I felt upon listening to Taylor Hicks' "freshman" (from an Idol standpoint) CD, I am ecstatic over Magni's "freshman" offering from the Rock Star Supernova experience. I can't yet write anything that would sound comprehensive nor verging on rational intelligence since - at this moment - I'm completely, ridiculously, fangirly over the man's CD and that great voice. I'm excited he's got this piece of work completed and on the market. Excited doesn't seem the right emotion, but for now will do. I will let the CD settle within, mull it over, listen to it many more times, then present a fitting story regarding my enjoyment of this Gorgeous Man's voice and talent.

I'm just saying right now, check him out. You think you like good music and raw, underestimated talent - you will love and adore this Gorgeous Man. I know I do. Go now, listen to Magni - I can't stop.


  1. Hate iTunes but am curious enough I may try it if can't find samples elsewhere. Did not care for him on RockStar at all and the YouTubes I saw with him and Dilana did nothing to change that. Now her on the other hand I absolutely loved and was recently told she has a CD out too.
    Am always open to changing my mind so we'll see. Thanks for the information.

  2. It seems a common opinion, if you loved Dilana, you weren't that into Magni. Comparable to the Taylor Hicks vs. Chris Daughtry situation.

    I liked Dilana very much on Rock Star. "Lithium", "Ring of Fire" and "Zombie" were brilliant. Initially Dilana, was my favorite on the show, but Magni, his vocals, his guitar work and adherence to the whole musician credo he walks with, won me over. He was great with House Band.

    Dilana has an album due out in 2008, produced (as promised on the show) by Gilby Clarke.

    ITunes is an interesting format, easy to use, I like the no-user fees, the non-requirement to become a member unlike Rhapsody and some of the other on-line music share sites.