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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar Interview with NumbNuts on The Mikey Show

Sanjaya grants a telephone interview with "The Mikey Show" on Rock 105.3 FM in San Diego on June 6th. The DJ's come across as complete asses, deluding themselves as believing they sound humorous, hip and smart. Evidence that they know nothing about what they are talking about - their main man, Mikey, is clueless about the Bill Vendall situation as well as Will Farrell's "Funny or Die" website. (He calls it Funny or Guy...) One member of the ensemble - Eddie - knew about Farrells' site and corrected Mikey. The interview goes even further South when a statement is made by Mikey claiming that Howard Stern was pushing to get the boy off American Idol, when in fact Howard was pushing to keep him in the competition.

Listening to Sanjaya, I picked up that he was trying to be polite to these wanna-be Howard Stern knock-offs. Sanjaya holds back from correcting them - give him a year or two and he'll set fools like this straight from the get-go.

"The Mikey Show" aired for a time in Dallas, Texas and were fired after a relatively brief stint on KEGL. I listened to parts of "The Mikey Show" - not while he was in Dallas, I couldn't stand his show while he was on KEGL, but as a refresher, and it reconfirmed my previous viewpoint of the show's whole schtick - the cast, the ensemble are merely bad versions of Howard Stern copycats. Unlike Howard and his staff who actually research material and make sure they know what they're talking about, these folks just use sarcasm and wisecracks and fake giggles to cover for their ineptitude. The difference between being funny and trying to be funny is all in how the material is handled. Handle it wrong, like in the case of this show and the straining to be funny cast end up sounding more than immature and well, plain stupid.

Whoever is screening whom Sanjaya Malakar is granting interviews with dropped the ball in having him to do a phone-in interview with this group of numbnuts. Just like the interviewers need to do their homework on their subject, so do the folks scheduling the interviews. Sanjaya should not have granted these fools one moment of his time. The folks calling into the show confirmed why "The Mikey Show" is doing well in San Diego - their listening audience sound as idiotic as the program's ensemble.

Check out the interview off this site, reminder, it's the June 6th entry.


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Thanks for the update! What a bunch of idiots those guys are! Laughing giggling whole way through...who wouldn't be a little nervous?? like what the H_ll!? You are so right ... Sanjaya will give it to him...he "ain't no sissy" but like you said just trying to be polite to the idiots! Laugh all they want...Sanjaya is heading to the top...just like Taylor...I love him too!


  2. Jetaime9:55 AM

    Thank you . . . enjoyed and agreed with your take on this interview!

    Totally found it rude, too, for the radio station to be audibly sniggering, whispering, and talking during the interview . . . and to keep harping on old stuff.