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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mnozzany dominoed. One cat morphs into Five

Of course youngest daughter loves the kitties. We've been blessed with 2 gray, 2 black squirming bundles of fluff. Happy, happy joy, joy. (Not.) They're cute when they're small.

This little tigress has been named by my child as Sweetie McWhitePaws. Guess she's of Irish heritage...she came complete with the tips of her paws white, the rest looks like her MomCat. We've always seemed to attract cats with colorful monikers. With cats, if you listen closely, they'll reveal their name. Crazy, possibly but where else do names like SportsFan, he was rowdy and crazy, Cranston Cooch - he was a roundish gentlemanly cat, then we had Mean ol' Mandy, she was indeed her namesake, and little Bitsy whom we bottle fed, I certainly can't forget Bitsy's GrandmamaCat, the regal and lovely white Lexus. (She too came to me fully equipped with a set of kittens.) Bitsy was to be my last cat, but that was then, before the arrival of Menozzany.

Menozzany was born in Alabama, but arrived to Texas via American Airlines. It seems my eldest found a kitten about a year ago and of course never checked her apartment lease... so instead of finding a local home, Menozzany came to live with me. The cat absolutely hated me the first week she was here, tried to attack me every time I looked at her. She'd bare her fangs and run at me. She is a very small cat, only about 3 pounds, but don't tell her that, she figures she ranks with the big cats, black panther style. She had me convinced too, it's all in her attitude. I was approaching her with a butterfly net to ward off attacks that first week. Seriously thought about having to tell my eldest the poor thing had an unfortunate accident, but eventually she stopped trying to attack me. Curiously she accepted my youngest daughter just fine reserving her ire at having to endure the airline hospitality to take out on just me.

She's finally accepted me as well as decided to tolerate my dogs, she was fitting in just fine, although she still tries to eat my bird whenever possible, and I think was responsible for the death of my beta fish - she kept dipping those dirty paws into his water. For weighing all of 3 pounds she has earned a name for herself on our street, everyone knows who she is and a few nice souls have let her in to visit with them. Most have thought she was a cute baby cat because of her small stature. She's been pretty nice to the local folks, but a terror to other cats, except one that she obviously found attractive. Apparently one of our well-meaning neighbors has a tomcat and well, now that's how I have come to have four more cats. By September they'll be old enough to find homes and Menozzany will be spayed before she can grace us with more little furry darlings. Yeah, I know we should have spayed her the moment she left the airline terminal, but life happens.

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