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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Idol Eliminations Since Top 10

This week, good-bye Phil(Pheratu) Stacey and Chris Richardson (no relation). The boys had a good run, and their careers as potential performing artists - or at least being able to add 'Past American Idol' contestant to their names, a reality.

Taylor Hicks, remember last season's winner... right? He was finally allowed to make an appearance this season via a brief and previously recorded video message to plug "Idol Gives Back". It may have been brief but the Soulman looked amazing... *snap* Perhaps Taylor, due to the time factor, I mean the show was only two hours long, could not be fitted into last week's Velveeta spread. Seriously, with the show being overrun with noteworthy guests such Ben Stiller and a CG Elvis 'appearing' with Celine Dion in their "history making" (not my words) duet, only so much time.... and Fantasia, also in the almost ran club made her plea for donations last night too. Fantasia is a darling lady, but as my daughter pointed out, her mouth is one third of her face. Little Daughter has recently been introduced to the world of fractions in school and likes to show off her newly discovered mathematic skills.

Down to the final four and soon this strange little season will trudge to the bitter end. Several weeks back, March 23, I submitted a little story to my favorite site, blogcritics.org, following my sweet Sanjaya making it through to Top Ten. At that time I predicted these results:

Jordin Sparks - to win
Blake Lewis
Melinda Doolittle
LaKisha Jones
Chris Sligh
Chris Richardson
Gina Glocksen
Phil Stacey
Haley Scarnato

When I wrote it Chris Sligh had not yet fallen out of favor with the American Idol viewers, favor that may still be plummeting, (he's continuing to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease) and Stacey hadn't really begun to show his real vocal talents. I think this top four is the way it should have turned out because, O Yea I picked them, and I love to be right, but now I'm wavering somewhat in my assessments over who will win. Blake pulled a pretty good move this past week with coloring his hair (the Sanjaya factor) and demonstrating some mad creative skillz with music mixing. Beat boxing not a favorite art form of mine, but I will admit B-Shorty worked some magic. This combined with Jordin experiencing her worst performance of the season, a performance preceding the previous week's at-times-screechy completely overly pimped and erroneously deemed, "Best Performance in the history of Idol", by Randy Jackson. I'm thinking Jackson may have been sipping from Pauler's cup. Too, Jordin is starting to reflect an increasing ego and that often sits sour with the A.I. viewing audience.

Add to that mix, Lakisha Is back and did a beautiful job - bonus Slimon planted a big kiss on her after she sang. Kiki was my original favorite of the show in the very early days and the lady is making a "I'm a Contender!" comeback, rather than some of her previous endeavors which were more like "I coulda been a contender" ala "On the Waterfront". She showed fight and spunk this week, and I certainly love that quality. Go LaKisha!

Groove on.

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  1. Philpheratu? LOLOL *wiping tears away* - You're too funny!

    I'll miss Phil. I liked him :)