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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taylor Hicks, My Cinderella Man

Taylor Hicks is granting interviews to everyone and anyone in the internet world it seems, but alas, I hear nothing from the man. On the homefront, my very own man told me on many occasions, "Taylor Hicks has had to have read some of your articles, he'll e.mail or call just to say hello one day, he's got to know about your work to benefit him". My sweet man thinks it's very cool that I even selected Hicks as winner of AI 5 from day one. I have to occasionally remind him, if I were indeed psychic I'd have won the lottery by now. (That would be nice.) One thing I can do is recognize drive, heart and music, and Taylor Hicks has all of those intrinsically entwined in his being, it's there for anyone with any soul to see.

Besides this blogspot, let me list some of the articles I've written in the past about Taylor Hicks during his competition that garnered a little attention and I hope, support for the man.

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You might ask, am I jealous that never has Tay so much as sent me an e.mail? Perhaps - but mainly I'm just frustrated. I have had this Taylor Hicks blogspot since January of 2006 when I started following him on American Idol. (Granted I haven't blogged that often in the past several months, I've been down with a condition called lupus, my energy, my time creating conflict; I must select carefully where and what I spend my time doing. I've always to consider, my family, my paying job, my house and my pets. Regarding the pets, it's like there's a sign for any stray on the streets on my front door "This Idiot Will Feed You and Feel Responsible to Help YOU! And so they come in search of kibble.)

Importantly though and realistically speaking, Taylor Hicks owes me nothing for anything I ever wrote about him or all the time I spent on-line in forums campaigning for him, it is not like he requested I spend my time on him. My at-home man simply lives in a somewhat delusional, happy world where the good guy wins and the good you do comes back to you, like the movie, one of his favorites, "Pay it Forward". I used to think like that, but repeatedly in many ways and areas I've learned life is not a fairy tale and "Pay it Forward" was simply a movie...

When I hear of an interview being given to a relative 'newbie' to 'the promote Taylor in the blogosphere' and I've been here for so long, and ignored by Gray Charles and Taylor Hicks, it's discouraging. I'm thinking I might as well shut this little site down. I just sought an inclusion now and then, some comaraderie, a sort of belonging in the following of a man I perceive as bringing something special to today's music world. I haven't asked for anything and in return I guess that's what I'll get. My meager endeavors obviously don't matter in the world of Taylor Hicks and really is this blogspot therefore important in the world of Taylor Hicks? Not so much, I'm realizing. I just had wanted one day for Gray or Tay to just put out a hand and say, good job, or thanks, or something. Hello. Anything. Anyone wanna buy a blogspot?

I'm happy for the writer of the newish blogspot to get her interview, but man, I'm just not taking this well. I can understand about Gray, getting the attention from Taylor Hicks, Gray's got a great running site with all kinds of bells and whistles I don't even know how to blow, he's an aggressive comprehensive website guy; me I'm a gotta have it free, blogger. I don't have the money to have anything heavy or special; hell I just started doing this about two years ago and am self-taught. I don't even have Adobe Photoshop because I can't afford it.

I began this site because I believed in Taylor Hicks. I believed in his vision, I saw that vision when he performed Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come'. It brought tears into my eyes watching him perform it during auditions on American Idol. "How brave of him", I thought. Taylor Hicks was aggressive and daring and yet, within his eyes pulsed a soul, a sensitivity, a fire. That is what made me want to see Taylor Hicks succeed. So many folks succeed because of 'backing' money they have to push themselves through life. I saw in Taylor Hicks a glimpse of myself years ago - but my story did not turn out like a fairy tale, no Cinderella tale for me; the pumpkin did not become a carriage. I wanted Taylor Hicks' pumpkin to become the carriage, and so I did what meager things I could to act 'fairy Godmother' for him as so many people did during American Idol and continue to do.

Gray has stated on his blogspot that he began backing Hicks because he saw the opportunity. He wanted to make enough money on the internet to not have to venture out to work and so picked Hicks because of the internet draw and earnings potential. I picked Hicks because I believed in him.

Just that.

Groove on Soulman.


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I can surely understand your frustration, but remember your true goal....getting Taylor's name out over cyberspace. By continually putting your thoughts on paper, you are expressing internal feelings as a means of getting closer to something that will be unattainable to most of us. While you have been diligent and a consistent advocate for Taylor, we should not expect anything in return. Have good wishes for those who do happen to get an interview or an acknowledgement of some type.
    Taylor has his own life and as much as we might like to be part of some "inner circle" , we are strictly peripheral performers. Living vicariously through someone else can be a positive or negative thing. You seem like a truly good person, I hope your approach to your blog is healthy and that you regain your own physical health soon.
    My best to you and to your continued blogging. We enjoy your thoughts and wish you well. I am sure you have established many new aquaintances through your efforts. That is worth a lot.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do what you do here. It's hard to put your heart and soul into something and then feel as if you're on the back burner of life. You share your heart beautifully. Keep on sharing your thoughts about your cinderella man, and someday he may just show up with that glass slipper.

    Peace and blessings...

  3. csthy, first I want to thank you for taking the time to comment.

    That said, in my ending paragraph in reference to 'Cinderella', I acknowledge the fact which you cover in your initial comments that, by putting my thoughts on 'paper', and getting Hicks' name out in cyberspace, a way to help him achieve something most of us will never obtain.

    This, though lies somewhat at odds with your next piece of insight that, you hope my approach to this blog is 'healthy' (whatever that infers) and that I should not expect anything from him. In paragraph two I say and acknowledge that very thing. Conversely, though, like any loyal and faithful dog, one pat on the head is not really 'abnormal' to desire. I must add too, that I have absolutely no desire to be part of Taylor Hicks' 'inner circle' whatever that entails, nor have I said or intimated that in any part of this blog. I'm just hanging my tail over the lack of that one pat on the head that makes a difference.

    My lupus had been in remission, and only recently (last 6 months)returned. I had hoped it was gone forever. I suppose I am feeling some depression over this turn of events, which is most likely quite a normal emotion. I'll get over it.

    Also, if you read this whole blog, I do wish the individual who is getting to do this interview well, I say so and provide a link to her blogspot. I mean what I say. If I harbored any ill will I'd certainly not have included a link to her site...just a thought.

    Again thanks for the comment.

  4. totu, how kind and sweet your comments, thank you so much.

  5. Anonymous2:07 AM

    I feel your pain. I totally understand where you're comming from. I believe you have every right to be offended.
    I've seen Taylor Hicks in concert a couple of times, and I have to say that his onstage charisma, and the shows he puts on are the best of the best.
    However, his offstage personality is (to be frank) cold and unfeeling. He does take the time to come out and sign autographs after his shows, but he is not a friendly guy. He grabs your paper (or whatever you have)and throws it back in your face without eye contact or a word.
    I'll always support him because he is a great entertainer, but I know from personal experience ( and others' experiences) that he's just not a friendly guy.