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Friday, November 10, 2006

"Georgia"; Taylor Hicks Channels Ray Charles

This is a video link from rehearsals.com with Taylor Hicks channelling the great Ray Charles. Check out this windows pop up being celebrated on the great graycharles.com site and whereever you may find Taylor Hicks fans. The silver-haired soulman's new album release date has been bumped to December 12th at this point. Soul Patrollers everywhere are anxiously awaiting his new endeavor. It'll be ready when it's ready folks, can't rush an artist, let him work; I'm sure the album will be worth the wait.

Much ado is being made about Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler getting their albums out first, but I'm not sure what the point of that fuss is; doesn't mean anything to me. More than likely they, not being the outstanding faves of this past season's American Idol are more concerned with striking while the iron still smokes knowing how the fate has played for many of the other contestants coming off the show. Timing can be of the essence, this is true in the case of American Idol, and in the music business in general.

Taylor Hicks need not concern himself about timing, this man's got the fans that will not waver, nor let a later release date sway this upcoming CD from rocking the charts at Billboard. Tay surely will make new history with the numbers we'll see once his album hits the streets. Take your time Tay baby, the Soul Patrol will be waiting.

Meanwhile kick back and enjoy yet another great tune coming out of rehearsals.com.

Groove on Soulman.

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