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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

American Idol 5 Las Vegas

Last night was a complete train-wreck. First up Jamaica-Man, then we had to look at the "pychic", more like psycho, Bobbie Mac and her poor little sister with the really bad dye red hair. Jacie Gray made an unfortunate return and thank you Simon for shutting him up before we had to hear his awful noises he calls singing again.

The only good aspiring contestants of the night were Taylor Hicks, and Mecca (Madison), what a cute little chick she is; and a belly dancer to boot.

I guess the fact that airfare to 'Vegas is probably cheaper than anyplace else, attracted the misfits, forlorns and gimmicks.

When are you contestants gonna learn that having a gimmick certainly targets you as a "no-talent"?!? Get a clue and stay home. All you'll get is maybe some airtime in the pre-idol show and complete humiliation for the remainder of your days as anyone who watches the show can relive your complete idiocy and humiliation.

Freak on.

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