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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Taylor Hicks Whomping Las Vegas? (Whatever the Hell That Means...)

The rumor mills all aflutter with word out on the new Nick Mitchell/Las Vegas revue that may see Taylor Hicks as one of the show's participants. Seems, Nick Mitchell will have two past Idol winners on board with him for his City That Never Sleeps Tour (made that up myself).

Over at It's All Grey we were having a small discussion about this Las Vegas show as well as considering what the Hell does "Whomp" REALLY mean? And, can you whomp in Vegas or should that be relegated to ....which circles me back around to, really, where the Hell does one whomp? Is there a whomp and why would one want to whomp?

Taylor Hicks has not issued any comment about this Nick Mitchell venture, in fact, Hicks, just about a week ago, talked about how he's planning to spend down time after his Teen Angel flight over with "Grease" just chillin' back and maybe cutting another album. I'm thinking if he's offered this four month project in Viva Las Vegas he'll postpone that chillin'. I mean you can rest when you're dead, right? Right. (But...can you whomp when you're dead...?)

This guy never made mention of  'whomp' but he sure did sparkle, King of the Shiny: Elvis, "Viva Las Vegas".
 Viva Las Vegas

Yeah, "Whomp" on Soulman.


  1. jerseyirish1:08 PM

    Sunny, I'm on the fence with this one. While I think a gig in Vegas would be great for his resume, not so sure aligning himself with Nick Norman would be the best choice for him. I'm sure if this is offered to him he will weigh all the pros and cons before he makes his decision and whatever that maybe I will support his career choices.


  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I'm still trying to figure out why Taylor was hangin out with gossip bloggers in nyc, at an upscale gay bar. Talking about dating Kate Gosselin? The Townhouse on 58th st is gay gentleman's club.

  3. Been off the internet for most part since last Wednesday so had no idea about this turn of events. lol So you saying it's Kate "beard" Gosslin now? It is odd Hicks at a Gay Bar; straight men don't normally consider stepping foot inside of those. Regarding his really wanting to 'hit that' - I smell publicity. That's all.

    He's also on twitter now, finally following folks but seems he's not following anyone but celebrities (and his twitter promotional account) which tells me he's angling for contacts when "Grease" winds down. Apparently he's just too far above it all now to mingle with the 'regular folk'. ha.

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    publicity really !!! in a gay bar? what does he what us to think? this not a big deal in fan base??? What about who do not know him? I love T he could be gay dating the a cat whatever. in nyc you can hit that fallin down.