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Friday, October 20, 2006

Taylor Hicks to be seen on Rehearsals.com

Taylor to be performing "What's Going On" and "Hell of a Day". Schedule time according to the site, 3:00 p.m. EST so I'm expecting it at 4 p.m. CST.

What's going on with the link featured as Taylor's official site? Click that and you get graycharles.com and they are both down...hmmm... a little underconstruction action. Taylor has been in talks with the Great Gray Charles.com guy to meld their talents, which is an exciting turn of events. And Gray thought he was retiring from active Soul Patrol duty. hah! Man, I step away from the computer and the world changes. Of course no one remembers to contact Sunny and let her know what the what is going on... (I'm so last Spring I guess; or more like So never happened ;) )

Speaking of which, I have been away for a while. The dreaded lupus that I have to live with has been wrecking havoc on me for the past several months. I'm thinking I may be coming out of it because I have actually the energy to spend some serious time on-line today. Daughter Daphne asked me the other day why I don't blog anymore, and that made me sadder than the lupus has lately. (*singing* Sometimes I feel like I'm dying...) I missed blogging and miss the Soul Patrol. I've just not had the mental energy to do much, the physical illness part taking it all down. I only mustered up a few blog inputs over the Summer, so now that I'm roaming the internet again, what fun it is to see Gray and Tay matching up. Very cool. I've always said Taylor was a smart man.

I'll be checking out the rehearsal.com later today, and man it is great to come back to the upcoming changes brewing and excitement stewing.

Groove on Soulman.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Sunny sorry to hear you have been ill,but glad that you feel better. Can you believe all that has been happening? Looks like Taylor is about to skyrocket to superstardom !!!We are in for one hell of a ride !!! Hold on tight and enjoy !!

  2. I've never had any doubt from the moment I saw him that he would not become that; a superstar. It is his destiny - he's an amazingly talented artist.

    I tried to see him in person this Summer while he was on the Idol tour through Dallas, but he showed after I went to the Galaxy; I wasn't feeling well and so could not stay long. I was sad to have missed him. He did not perform that night though, just popped in.

    He's sounding and looking so good.
    Thanks for your comments. I'll be OK, I always come back from the lupus attacks. So far anyway. ;)